Meets the character, meets you

One time, a landscape, the ordinary day, a hand holding a treasure, walking; plain Jane time, that time can not erase the imprint vaguely affects the heart, is a long lingering. Full of thoughts into the years quietly into the clouds about to speak, but saying nothing, memory...... The most beautiful time always hold a quiet window, let the words of aroma. Pick a wisp of breeze moon, for a highbrow, let the heart of the garden is full of transparent and clear......
Life is a long journey, the story of life will not always be as calm as water will be sunny, confident, kind, strong, no regrets in life, walk into their own landscape. Always feel that I have gone through a very simple, very long journey. During that period of desolation of the mind, often think of a person's day, ask yourself again and again, if possible, can I find myself in the past? A stroke of pen is my heart's turn.
This season, elegant and full of flowers in every corner, the smell of the wind blowing through the aroma of Cecil strands, thoughts such as pull constantly tangled rain. Many helpless, sad, sigh in day after day, year after year, written into the journey of life. Thoughts, heart sounds, dreams, traces of the heart, illusory growth, spread. Landing again like a romantic love and attachment to the trials of a long journey for thousands of years......
Perhaps, in life each meet past already doomed. The sound, brew lines that only a deep encounter. The mind such as lotus, whispering into Acacia flower, to color, accompanied by Gudeng watch. Keep your vision in your direction, you can't hide in a corner, over the text of the riverbed, infiltration of soft heart. Stars, such as water, crescent, such as eyebrows. The window is a beautiful poetic melody and graceful feeling. Continuously through live swing in the green mountains and rivers, brow heart, love soft, seemed to have been over a thousand years. During rain, listen carefully, thinking of a name whispers......
Is always in the helpless days at the long time, those sad, confused, dizzy catch the wind. The heart of the quiet submerged in the confused, wandering wandering. Always feel the beauty of life is just a flash in the pan, meteor flash, can not reach forever, in the end how far?
Maybe a cool with contentment, every day can happiness and warm, the wind not startled, the rain fell silent, so quiet. Look at the sunset again kiss the Castle Peak, sunset afterglow, and planted a new look forward to. A stretch of Xianglian slowly in the heart...... Once Yu Yu alone on the road, cool shade, heart into the fragrance. A most beautiful hope end in front, yaokan Shuitianyise, read calm cool, gentle and warm. With a few lines of small print, the smell of the most beautiful poetry; a swirling cloud, a lotus flower elegant, refreshing and fragrant heart. (Article Reading Network: www. Sanwen. Net)
Xinyu sent some text, the story will go far to drop. Just, miss, as in the past, fell in the water, a circle of ripples...... Cool breeze can read, cloud can hear. Warm wind, quiet elegant, soft in the rain stopped early afternoon came, a green screen, falling on my computer. Escape the annoying noise, I find the gap of time in the half of the clear tea, and anchor in the harbor of the mind. Read your text, in the beautiful flowers; reward you, is like. Love is also deep, read also mild, once, will become forever. Can not do without you, this is my constant feelings, the truth to stay. A Qinghuan deep, in a heart to grass...... Moonlight to find, Montreal clear worry, I pick up one by one. There are always some time, and some too late into life, the next life, the choice and relief, accompanied by dependence.
Time light, true tapestry, days of scattered things past, fall like rain. Life, always encounter something thin. Rose rain, the former has a dream...... Look, let out the depths of the soul, can. With, it is warm in the moist heart......
Blocked the memory of yesterday's clouds slowly open, gone with the wind. Miss is like a flowering tree, in this season's ridge in the dense charming. If you have, can you pay attention to, every day in Chenhui shaking, that is not the wind, but I love my. Thick light of gentle mood in the days, days, scattered into a pen at leisure, the moon is the full moon is a poem, song. The world, bustling, clouds apprehension, my heart all over to the silent language. Time, in the text tactfully, melodious; life, every experience, producing in time. Okay, I don't care about sadness, only look after years of fragrance. Thus, the season begins to be dizzy, comfortable and refreshing...... Time in the story, hovering in the heart, is a warm memory.
Want to plant a deep tree, every piece of green leaves are my love for years. Let the flowers bloom, let the rain fall, let the wind, let the clouds, I have to tell a color. Static hold quiet day, all the affection of exile. With a simple, hold a flower, listen to the moonlight flowing, wander in the text, a soft whole life through quiet, warm......
I want to say thank, meet, thank you in the coming from the ink, you read the text, my wandering mind had been converted; the resonance of the mind, let me forget the lonely horizon into close. Life in a company, it is the soul of xiangxi. So, and this beauty
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